Factors to Consider


Rental charges depend on location, the number of people sharing the accommodation, furnishing, and the facilities that come with the accommodation. If you are looking for lower rentals, you will have to consider rooms further away form the polytechnic.

The following are average rental charges for rooms and flats in non-prime neighbourhoods.

Average Monthly Rental Charges for Rooms
Room Type Rent (Per Person)
Single occupancy $500 - $800
Double occupancy $350 - $500


Factors that affect suitability: proximity to campus, public transport, facilities provided, lifestyle of owner and family (for rooms in owner-occupied flats) and environment for studying. Students should visit and inspect, discuss and negotiate the above factors before agreeing to rent.

A furnished room should include the basic items such as a bed, wardrobe, study desk, fan and chair. Most of the time, you may have to buy your own pillows and mattresses for hygiene purposes.

Tenancy Agreements
We encourage students to have written tenancy agreements with landlords. Tenancy agreements specify terms relating to the amount of rent, length of tenancy, and the rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant. Sample copies of agreements are available from the Department of Student Services. In the case of a shared flat, if you are the sole signatory in the tenancy agreement, you are legally accountable for the actions of all the tenants. For example, should a co-tenant leave without paying the rent, you could be held responsible for the rent owing. It may therefore be a good idea to include all the names of the co-tenants in the tenancy agreement to ensure shared accountability.

Please note that tenants have to pay the stamp duty for the tenancy agreement, which ranges from $15 to $30 per year depending on the monthly rental.

It is a normal practice for the landlord to ask for a deposit. The amount is usually equivalent to one or two months of rent. These deposits are refundable when you move out. Please check with the landlord the conditions for refund before you pay the deposit. Make sure you hand in your deposit to the rightful owner and he/she must show you the prove that they are the legal owner of the flat.

Other Costs
You may have to pay for additional charges such as water and electricity.