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Overseas Experiences

Overseas internships, study trips and community service programmes are an important part of student life in SP. Through overseas exposure our students have developed a global mindset, gained valuable experiences and forged new connections.


Connecticut and Ohio, USA

Diploma in Biotechnology (DBT) students Yei Xi and Nigel Yeo had a three-month internship at Yale University, while DBT students Sara Tan and Tommy Lee interned at Ohio State University! Both groups of students worked under distinguished professors at these famous institutions, gaining experience in areas such as lab work, cancer research, stem cell studies and commercial drug testing. Of course, they made sure to tour other parts of the US on their weekends off!

Penang, Malaysia

A trip to Penang is a rite of passage, of sorts, to students from the Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM). While living there for four days, they must film a short documentary for their “On-location Production” module. This year’s students had an unforgettable time uncovering and filming the life stories of Penang locals. Think “Humans of Penang”, documentary-style!

Johor, Malaysia

At SP, it’s possible for a luxurious hotel stay to be an important part of one’s studies. Students from the Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management (DTRM) spent a week at Le Grandeur Palm Resorts in Johor, where they learnt about the operations and management of various departments in the hotel. The students toured departments like the front desk, concierge, and golf course management. They also had practical sessions in food and beverage service and housekeeping, in order to better understand how to manage such operations in future.

Beijing, China

Thirty students from the Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DARE) soaked in sights like Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China during their six-week overseas industrial training attachment at Pratt & Whitney (P&W), a world-famous aerospace manufacturer. There, they gained deeper knowledge about various technologies used in commercial aircraft, practiced handling and inspection of airplane components, and were introduced to some of the latest practices and technological developments at P&W.

Dalian, China

Twenty-five Diploma in Marine Engineering (DMR) students spent a month at Dalian Maritime University, one of China’s premier maritime institutions. Not only did they study various systems and components used in ships, but they were also treated to a wide range of fun cultural activities by their hosts such as workshops on tai chi, pottery, calligraphy and tea ceremonies!


Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering student, Tan Wei Teck, spent a meaningful time during his six-week training programme at the China University of Science and Technology (CUST) in Taiwan. From daily lessons and practical sessions to removing and installing aircraft landing lights at the Avionics systems maintenance practice, Wei Teck gained much knowledge and insights to the aviation industry. Work aside, Wei Teck also took the chance to explore various parts of Taipei and Tai Chung and released sky lanterns at Shifen for the first time!

Kampong Cham, Cambodia

For two weeks, 15 SP students lived together with a Cambodian community in Kampong Cham, where they conducted basic English lessons for children and also participated in construction work to rebuild five concrete classrooms for Hun Sen Factory Primary School. The group also participated in distributing free rice and soup to the needy.

Lijiang, China

Fifteen students from the Youth Community Leaders Programme (YCL Programme) spent two weeks in Li Jiang teaching English to children at Liang Mei Primary School. One of the participants, Heng Ching Yee, shared that the children took their learning very seriously and displayed exemplary attitude towards learning. Besides spending time in the classroom with the children, the students also helped to build the foundation of the fence wall for the school soccer field.

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