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Student Success Stories

Soaring To The Sky From Ground Zero

If not for a secondary school teacher who held on to the belief that one can change if given the right chance, Goh Jia Hui may not be tasting success today. He was led astray since primary school, frequently playing truant and getting in fights. He was even caned twice. Not surprisingly, he only managed a score of 101 points for his Primary School Leaving Examination.

He did not change when he joined Yishun Town Secondary School and was put in the Normal (Technical) stream. However, when he was in secondary three, his form teacher decided to make him the class monitor. He was astounded as he thought someone like him could never be a class leader. This led him to change his attitude. He realised that he could either mess up the lives of 40 other students or influence them to walk on the right path. He started to work hard in his studies and even clinched two awards - Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) Award for Outstanding Normal Course Students and LKY Award for All-Round Excellence.

Jia Hui joined the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and studied aerospace technology. His perseverance paid off handsomely when he graduated from ITE with a perfect GPA score and won the LKY-STEP Award. With his excellent grades, he easily made it to the very popular Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering course in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and was named a SP Engineering Scholar.

Early success did not get into Jia Hui’s head. Jia Hui continued with his pursuit for excellence but not just in his studies. He volunteered regularly with the SWAMI Home and a Residents’ Committee. In 2013, as a second-year student, he went to Nepal and Indonesia for community service programmes with fellow SP students. Last December, he went to Japan for a cultural exchange programme.

He was an active member with the SP NYAA (National Youth Achievement Award) Ambassador Club and in 2012, he received the NYAA Gold Award. Lecturers in the School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) saw his leadership ability and named him the Chairman of the MAE Engineering Challenge 2013. His holistic development led to him achieving the SP Model Student Award during his final year.

Jia Hui hopes to clinch a scholarship with the Singapore Armed Forces to study overseas after his national service. He has already received two offers by two world-class universities in the United Kingdom. When he completes his degree programme, he hopes to pursue a career as a pilot with the Republic of Singapore Air Force.


  • Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal
  • Tecmaven Merit Award