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Ideate • Iterate • Innovate

A vital resource to the students and alumni of Singapore Polytechnic and its partners around the Asia region, SPINOFF champions the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. At SPINOFF, we challenge our students to dream big and find solutions to global challenges that could provide value to stakeholders and do good for the community on the whole. We provide complete support to our students and alumni so that they can ideate, iterate and innovate in-order to turn their ideas into successful startups.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that SP is not affiliated to, has no ownership in, or has any control over the businesses or companies which it features on its webpage or social media. SP’s features of the said businesses or companies are not an endorsement of them. SP takes no responsibility or accepts any liability for any acts or omissions of the said businesses or companies.

Objective of SPiNOFF

To develop an entrepreneurial mindset in staff and students of the higher learning institutions

To promote entrepreneurship among the youth in Asia

To provide opportunities for staff and students to connect with the industries, government agencies, investors in Asia

To scale successful innovations in a sustainable manner across Asia

To build a regional network of entrepreneurs, mentors & investors across Asia

About Us


Entrepreneurship Centre is a gateway to entrepreneurship development and fostering growth of start-ups. It plays a vital role in connecting talents to resources by working closely with government agencies, VCs, private investors and industry mentors to promote entrepreneurship.

What We Do

Incubation Offices

Provide startups with a comfortable co-working space where they can build and improve products validated under the Entrepreneurship Acceleration Module and put into practice their go-to-market strategies

Co-location Offices

Co-working spaces for non-student startups to work from and at the same time, mentor student startups, provide internship opportunities to students keen on working in startups and co-develop entrepreneurship, innovation and technology-based curriculum with us



Be mentored by our panel of mentors on your business idea.



SPINOFF works closely with our partners to create an up-close experience on entrepreneurship.

We are ready to lead you into the future of entrepreneurship. Contact us to learn more.