Congratulations on your posting to Singapore Polytechnic!

This offer is conditional upon you:

  1. having applied for admission through the proper application procedures. 
  2. having provided the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) with true and accurate information in your Application/Enrolment Forms.
  3. submitting to SP the required supporting documents during enrolment.
  4. not being a student in any other Full-time or Part-time course when the semester commences.
  5. being physically and medically fit to pursue the course. 

    You and your parents would need to read the Conditions of Admission  and Code of Conduct found in the  Student Handbook

    The enrolment process (Task 1 to 3) is summarised below. Refer to your offer email for the deadlines to complete the various tasks.

    Task 1: Acceptance of Offer


    Complete the following 3 steps (in sequence):

    Step 1: Verify/Provide Your Particulars

    • Verify/Provide your personal particulars and complete the Student's Declaration.
    • If there are any changes, please write to contactus@sp.edu.sg and indicate the changes to be made.

    Step 2: SPICE Account and iChat Email

    • Select the "user name" of your iChat email address. All official emails from SP will be sent to this account. It is also used to access the e-learning system and POLITEMall.
    • Your SPICE Account ID is pXXXXXXX (your Admission Number). It will allow you to access the campus wireless network and IT services.
    • Your SPICE account and iChat Email will only be created (1) day after matriculation. Once your enrolment status is reflected as "Matriculated", you may then go to Microsoft Online Password Reset the next day to set password using iChat email.
    • For any technical issues, contact SPICE Service Desk at 67721260 or ServiceDeskMail@sp.edu.sg.

    Step 3: Financial Scheme and Submit eGiro

    • [Not applicable for PFP students] Indicate whether you want to accept/reject Tuition Grant (TG). Singaporeans are automatically awarded TG. Students who reject/not eligible for TG will not be eligible for any Financial Schemes.
    • The course fees payable will be displayed, and you can complete payment via various modes of payment (please refer to Financial Guide for modes of payment).
    • For International Students, please pay your course fees only upon receipt of Student's Pass.
    • Please refer to the Financial Guide below for the available Financial Schemes and course fees.

    For more information on the financial matters, course fees and financial assistance schemes which may help you to cover your Tuition Fees, click on the following links:

    You must complete Task 1: Acceptance of Offer within the stipulated deadline (generally 3 calendar days) on your offer email to confirm your place. Otherwise, the offer will be deemed to have lapsed. 

    1 week after you have completed Task 1: Acceptance of Offer, you may check on your enrolment status (https://enrolment.sp.edu.sg > Enquire Enrolment Status).

    Once you have been successfully enrolled (i.e. matriculated), your Student Card will be posted to your Singapore mailing address by the first week of April/October.

    Task 2: Go for Colour Vision Test / Medical Examination

    Students from the following courses are required to undergo a Colour Vision Test or a Medical Examination by the stipulated date indicated in the offer email:

    A) Colour Vision Test

    Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents who are offered the following courses*:

    • Aeronautical Engineering
    • Aerospace Electronics
    • Applied Chemistry
    • Biomedical Science
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Common Engineering Programme
    • Common Science Programme
    • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    • Food Science & Technology
    • Marine Engineering

    If you do not belong to any of the above courses, you do not have to complete the Colour Vision Test form.

    B) Medical Examination

    • International Students#


    C) Medical Examination

    • Students who are offered Diploma in Nautical Studies (DNS)
    Complete Part A/1 of the form and bring the form to:  
    • Option 1: SATA Clinics
    • Refer to "Instructions to Students" on last page of the form for SATA Clinic's addresses and operating hours.
    • SATA will send the completed form to SP
    • Option 2: Singapore Registered General Practitioner (GP)/Optometrist registered with the Optometrists & Opticians Board (OOB)
    • After you received the completed form from your doctor/Optometrist, upload via http://enrolment.sp.edu.sg > Upload Admission Documents 
    # International Students are also required to complete Part A of the ICA Medical Examination Report and bring it along to the clinic. You must collect the completed ICA Medical Examination Report from the clinic and submit to ICA when you collect your Student's Pass.
    • Students with any colour vision deficiency (for selected courses above*), or
    • Medical Condition(s) / Special Need(s) that may prohibit you from pursuing the offered course. 
    • Please email to contactus@sp.edu.sg immediately so that SP may try to arrange for a course transfer.
    • Email Subject: Colour Vision Deficiency/Medical Condition(s)/Special Need(s)
    • Provide your Full Name, SP Admission Number, Offered Course
    • Give details of your
      • medical condition(s), or
      • special need(s), or
      • Colour vision deficiency (complete/partial)

    Task 3: Submit Documents

    Submit the following documents by the stipulated deadline indicated on the offer email to complete your enrolment. Click on Enrolment Forms to download the Admission and Finance Documents required for enrolment. 

    For Admission Documents, please upload through http://enrolment.sp.edu.sg -->Upload Admission Documents.

    For Finance Documents, please upload through http://enrolment.sp.edu.sg --> Upload Finance Documents. 

    Admission Documents

    1) Passport-Sized Photo* for Student Card

    2) Enrolment Booklet consists of:

    • Parent's Declaration Form
    • Tuition Grant Eligibility Declaration Form
      (for Singapore Citizens) [not applicable to PFP Students]
    • Tuition Grant Option Form
      (for Singapore Permanent Residents & International Students) [not applicable to PFP students]
    • Photocopy/Image of:
      • Front & back of NRIC
        (for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents)
      • Passport
        (for International Students)
      • Birth Certificate

    3) Colour Vision Test Form - only for selected courses
        (for Singapore Citizens & Singapore Permanent Residents)

    4) SP Medical Examination Form
        (for International Students)

    5) Front & back of Physical or Digital ICA Student's Pass
        (for International Students)

    6) DNS Medical Examination Form
        (for all students offered Diploma in Nautical Studies)

    7) ICA Medical Report Form to be submitted to ICA not SP
        (for International Students)

    8) Other Supporting Documents

    • Tuition Grant Letter (for Ex-Polytechnic Students)
    • Deed poll, if any 

    * Please refer to the guidelines below for the Passport-sized photo for the Student Card. Failure to submit your photograph according to the guidelines below will result in the delay in you receiving the Student Card and EZ-Link Card (Diploma Student Concession Card).

    • Use a recent passport-sized colour photograph (taken within the last 6 months) with plain white background. 
    • Show the full face and without headgear. Headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs is acceptable but must not hide the facial features.
    • Photo must show the frontal view of your head and shoulders.
    • Hair not across and/or covering the eyes/eyebrows.
    • To observe proper decorum (in hairstyle) that is befitting of a SP student.
    Finance Documents

    1) Uploading documents 

    • Provisional Admission Acknowledgement Form
      (for International Students only)  

    If you have applied for any of the following Financial Schemes: 

    • Mendaki-TTFS Acknowledgement Page
      (for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents - Malay Students)
    • SkillsFuture Acknowledgement Page with status "Your Application has been submitted"
      (for Singapore Citizens)
    • CPF-AES Acknowledgement Page with status "Approved in Principle"
      (for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents)
    • Photocopy of DBS-Tuition Fee Loan acknowledgement email
      (for All Nationalities)

    2) Hardcopy document 

    • Interbank Giro Form
      [must be signed, or thumb-printed by account holder(s) & endorsed by the Bank - refer to form. The original signed form must be mailed to Singapore Polytechnic.]

    (This form is not applicable if you have submitted GIRO application online for DBS/POSB account holders only). 

    Once you have been successfully enrolled (i.e. matriculated), your Student Card will be posted to your Singapore mailing address by the first week of April/October. 

    Please follow the instructions on the letter accompanying the Student Card to acknowledge receipt of the card once you have received it.

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