Elective Module-05

Elective Module-06


Students joining SP in AY22/23 will get a choice to do 3 or 5 electives from a basket of electives on offer. You are recommended to consult your Personal Tutor, Course Chair or ECG counsellor in making the choice of taking 3 or 5 electives. Depending on your course, you may start your electives in Year 1, Semester 2 of your studies, or in Year 2.

Elective Module-05


Minors in the following areas will be launched 

  • Digitalisation eg. Minor in Computing & Technology, Minor in 5G & AIoT
  • Sustainability eg. Minor in Green Energy
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Internationalisation


Minor in Data & Artificial Intelligence (for AY22/23 cohort) 

The Minor in Data & Artificial Intelligence trains students to develop deep skills to work with Data for AI; these are emerging skills needed across multiple industry sectors. There is no pre-requisite. Students will build skills and be able to apply skills learnt in a relevant industry project, curated by SP Data Science and Analytics Centre (DSAC) with support from AI Singapore (AISG), for their internship. Students who successfully complete both the Minor and internship will be awarded an additional e-certificate in AISG’s AI Data Apprenticeship Programme (AIDP)

Elective Module-06

Minor in Entrepreneurship (for AY22/23 cohort)

Elective Module-07

Click here for the list of elective modules offered. More electives will be offered in the coming semesters and the offerings will vary slightly every semester to keep up with the latest technology trend and demand from students.


Due to course requirements,

(1) All students from DBS will do 5 electives

(2) Students in the following courses will not have the choice to do 5 electives:

            - DNS and DMR from SMA