Singapore Polytechnic’s (SP) Elective Framework is designed to provide our students with educational experiences aligned with SP’s aspiration of developing self-directed, versatile and life-long learners.



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Electives provide students with learning opportunities to set and achieve learning goals through self-exploration, shaping own learning paths and pursuing their passions.


List of elective modules to be offered in AY19/20 Semester 2:


No.  Elective Module
 1Environmental Sustainability
 2Computer Programming in Civil Engineering
 3Materials, Techne and Craft
 4SNAP - Shutter Narrative (with) Architectural Perspective
 5Architectural Deviations
 6RHINO with Grasshopper
 7Enabling Design
 8SketchUp for Interior Design Visualisation
 9Humanitarian Response in Action
 10Humanitarian Issues & Challenges
 11Managing Humanitarian Relations and Interventions
 13Bioremediation Technologies
 16Product Application - The Science that Makes It Happen
 17Introduction to Psychology
 18Emotional Intelligence
 19Business Negotiation Skills
 20Design Thinking in Selling
 21Project Discovery
 22Fundamentals of Design (Elements)
 23Introduction to Entrepreneurship
 24Digital Marketing
 25Finance Toolbox for Business
 26Human Capital Management
 27Conversational Malay
 28Fundamentals of Programming
 29Programming for Data Science
 30Advanced Mathematics 1
 31Further Mathematics
 32Analytics Thinking with Tableau
 33Multi-disciplinary Innovation Project
 34Data Analysis using Excel
 35Introduction to AI
 36User Experience Fundamentals
 37Product Design
 38Introduction to Immersive Media
 39Digital Fabrication & Prototyping Fundamentals