One of the most popular recreational activities on campus is sports, and there is a wide range of sports facilities to support this pastime.

What better way to invigorate your senses after a brain-sapping series of lectures and tutorials than a dip in our Olympic-sized pool? Whether you're doing laps or a leisurely crawl, the splash will definitely rejuvenate your mind. And if you're hungry after your swim, a range of fast-food outlets are just a few steps away!

Perhaps you're feeling stressed from all that studying? Or maybe you just want a high-energy workout? Grab a partner! Sling on your racquet! Just make your way down to one of the Polytechnic's tennis courts to slug it out the healthy way!

Free-to-Play areas are now open!

Below are the sports facilities that are open for student/staff usage. 

Facilities available for usage (w/o booking):

  • 3 outdoor basketball courts (beside FC3)
  • 1 multi-purpose court (beside FC3)
  • 2 outdoor basketball courts @ SPorts Arena level 5 (SPAR5)
  • SP swimming pool (beside FC5) - bookings are no longer required
  • Gym@Pool (beside FC5) – bookings are no longer required

Facilities available for usage (requires booking):

  • 3 badminton courts @ PolyCentre (above FC3)
  • 4 squash courts @ SPorts ARena Basement
  • 4 tennis courts (behind Moberly)

*Please show your booking confirmation (if applicable) when required. Actions will be taken against those who do not abide by the rules and regulations and/or refuse to cooperate with on-site staff.

*General Usage of Sports Facilities may be cancelled for SP CCA trainings & programmes w/o notice*


Facility Booking

SP students and staff may make bookings on sports facilities such as the tennis, squash and badminton courts.

List of Sports Facilities & Operating Hours

1 Swimming Complex9am - 9pm9am - 7pmClosedBeside Foodcourt 5
3 Badminton Courts8am - 9pm9am - 7pmClosedPoly Centre
2 Table Tennis Tables8am - 9pm8am - 7pmClosedPoly Centre
1 Running Track8am - 10pm8am - 7pmClosedSports Complex
4 Tennis Courts / 2 Tennis Courts9am - 9pm9am - 7pmClosedBehind Moberly Block / Sports Arena Rooftop
3 Outdoor Basketball Courts8am - 10pm8am - 7pmClosedBeside Foodcourt 5
1 Gym9am - 9pm9am - 7pmClosedSwimming Pool
12 Badminton Courts8am - 10pm8am - 7pmClosedSports Arena Level 3 & 4
4 Squash Courts8am - 10pm8am - 7pmClosedSports Arena Basement

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