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Welcome Parents and Prospective Students to Singapore Polytechnic (SP). While we may find our world in unprecedented times, SP remains committed to providing the highest quality education. The Early Admissions Exercise or EAE is a yearly discretionary admissions exercise which allows students to apply to polytechnic based on interest, passion and aptitude.  We believe our students do well when they pursue a course in which they have a keen interest in and the flair to match!

EAE is applicable to O-level students, ITE students and working adults.

To help in your consideration and application for EAE, we have put together resources to guide you along:

We hope you find them useful and if you still have questions, feel free to write to us at contactus@sp.edu.sg. We hope to see you in SP soon!


Think Bigger

At SP, you will be groomed not only to be work-ready but also versatile, bold, articulate and ready to face the increasingly complex challenges of a rapidly-evolving world to become the problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Bigger Legacy: Build your legacy with us and blaze the trail

Bigger Success: Why settle for good when you can achieve the best

Bigger Hearts: Today, your existence becomes more than just you

Bigger Aspiration: Keep your dreams at the forefront and achieve the impossible


Want your EAE questions answered?

Hear what DEB graduate Nadine Chiun has to say about her EAE experience and poly education!


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