Each year, Singapore Polytechnic enrols over 5,000 school leavers into its full-time diploma courses. Enrolment is open to students who have successfully applied to Singapore Polytechnic.

To find out the type of enrolment you belong to (e-Enrolment or Onsite Enrolment), refer to the following guideline:

Guidelinee-EnrolmentOnsite Enrolment
Admissions ExerciseDAE* / EAE / EAE (I)* / JAE / JPAE* / PFPDAE / EAE (I) / JPAE / EAE (WA)
* If applicable. Refer to the offer letter for your Enrolment Type

Colour of your package's envelope



Enrolment Type

On your Offer Letter
(found inside your package)

Enrolment Type = e-Enrolment


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Enrolment Type = Onsite Enrolment


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Once you know which type of enrolment you belong to, click on either e-Enrolment or Onsite Enrolment in the navigation bar to find out what you need to do to complete enrolment. 

After completing the enrolment, click on What's Next for other matters you would need to do. 

Lastly, you and your parents would need to read the Conditions of Admission and Code of Conduct found in the Student Handbook


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