The CCC will be a space for students to connect skills, create solutions, and champion sustainability.


Ready for the future of work: hybrid job roles

Technological disruptions have created new and increasingly sophisticated job roles, hybrid job roles which require you to have diverse skill sets. These in-demand skills include both emerging digital skills and human skills from Artificial Intelligence, data to creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and persuasion. In a few common core modules, you will see how these two baskets of skills from different disciplines can be connected and taught in a complementary manner.


Go broad or go deep: an integral learning experience

The CCC is part of your SP learning experience. The baseline  skills in CCC are broad and many of these skills form the foundational  layer which your diploma course builds on. You will find school-specific case scenarios and examples used in the common core modules, this will allow you to better connect the skills you learn in CCC with your course of study.

The broad skills you are exposed to in CCC can help you to chart your own learning path when it comes to making a decision on your choice of electives*. The electives give you an opportunity to broaden or deepen the foundational skills you are interested in.

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*DOPT students can take 3 electives. DASE students are offered 2 pathways: i) 3 electives + 22-week internship or ii) 5 electives + 12-week internship.


Learn multiple ways to solve problems

There are more ways than one to solve problems and come up with solutions. Through CCC, you will learn how to use creative, algorithmic, data-driven, user-centered, analytical approaches to tackle complex problems of the real world.

In the common core module, Sustainable Innovation Project, you will apply one of SP’s signature pedagogy, Design Thinking, and work with peers from different diplomas to create innovative prototype solutions for real-life issues faced by a local community in need.


Build a more sustainable Singapore and world

CCC will expand your global perspective and understanding of sustainability issues as the UN SDGs run thematically across the 10 common core modules. You will be introduced to wicked problems faced by local, regional and global communities, with a particular focus on Singapore.

It is important that you understand and be aware that even in Singapore, we are confronted with many complex issues. We believe that the combination of human skills and emerging digital skills taught in CCC will spur you to want to build a better and more sustainable Singapore and world.

SP Sustainability Matters