Fees Payment and Payment Methods

How much and when to pay?

The Polytechnic will send your e-Bill to your SP student email account on the actual fees payable after semester starts. Please pay by the due date stated on your e-Bill. If you have an approved GIRO arrangement with the Polytechnic, the last 4 digits of your authorised bank account for deduction and the deduction date will be shown on the e-Bill.

What are the Payment Modes?

The detailed payment instructions would be included in the e-Bill. Cash and cheque payments will not be accepted. The following payment options are available:


(A) For students with Giro arrangement

  1. Print e-bill (own reference).
  2. Ensure the designated bank account has sufficient funds to allow for successful Giro deduction on date indicated on the e-bill.

Note: To submit an eGiro Application, please visit SP website : e-Services > Finance Matters > Submit eGiro Applications (for DBS/POSB account holders only)


(B) For students without Giro arrangement

Option 1 - Electronic payment through SAS2 (For DPFT students only)

  1. Print e-bill (own reference).
  2. Pay through the internet via eNETS Debit (Citibank/DBS/OCBC/POSB/UOB).
  3. Pay through the internet via eNETS Credit (Master/Visa).
  4. Pay through the internet via PayNow.

Option 2 - Payment through PayNow (Printed QR code)

  1. Scan the QR code shown on your eBill.
  2. Please save a copy of the receipt upon successful transaction as it will be used as proof of payment in times of disputes.

Option 3 - Payment through AXS

  1. Print e-bill (own reference).
  2. Stations located islandwide.
  3. e-Station via the internet.
  4. m-Station via the mobile and tablet devices.

Option 4 - Payment at One Stop Centre (OSC) Counter

  1. Print e-bill (own reference).
  2. NETS or NETS Flashpay.
  3. Credit card (Visa/Master).
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