A student's full-time education is subsidised by the Government of Singapore.

To help students pay part of the high cost, the Government, through the Ministry of Education (MOE), provides tuition grant to full-time Diploma course students who have been admitted to the Singapore Polytechnic.


There are different application procedures if you are a:-

  • Singaporean
  • Singapore Permanent Resident or international student

 If you're a Singaporean

Complete the Tuition Grant Form and return it with your enrolment documents.

 If you're a Singapore Permanent Resident or International Student

Should you choose to take up the Tuition Grant, you will be required to make an on-line application and then sign the TG Deed with the Government of Singapore (MOE Official).

Under the terms of the Tuition Grant Deed, you will be bonded to work for a Singapore company for 3 years upon graduation.

Two sureties are required for the execution of the TG Deed.  They can be of any nationality, above 21 years and below 65 years of age and must not be bankrupts.

Application for Tuition Grant

You can apply for the Tuition Grant online through the Ministry of Education's Tuition Grant Scheme website. Details of the online application will be mailed to you at a later date.

Students who do not apply, or apply but do not complete execution of the Tuition Grant (TG) agreements by the scheduled dates shall be charged full fees. The details of the deadline for the execution of TG agreements, signing dates, venue and time will be sent to you through your respective institutions at a later date.

If your two sureties are signing the TG Agreement in Singapore, identity cards / passports must be produced for identification purpose.

Students must sign the TG Agreement in the presence of the MOE Official and must produce their SP Admission Card, NRIC (for SPRs), ICA Student Pass and Passport (for International Students) for identification purpose.

You will be informed at a later date to sign the deed with the Ministry of Education. 

Further Information

If you have any enquiries on tuition grant matters, please contact the Ministry of Education's Tuition Grant Section at

Tuition Grant Section

School of Placement and Services Division

Customer Service Centre (MOE Podium Block)

Ministry of Education, Singapore

1 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138675



Tuition grants

Tuition grants will be given to all full-time diploma students.