International Students

With COVID-19 and the delay in the conduct of national exams, Singapore Polytechnic is prepared to consider on a case by case basis, applications with results of School-based final exams taken in the year where national exams are typically conducted.   Shortlisted candidates will be required to take and pass entrance tests in English, Mathematics and Science (for most courses including Engineering, Science and Technology courses).

The stages in the process are as follows:

Stage 1: Application

Apply for admission at this website (application timelines and entry requirements are listed).  Upload your national exam results or final year results (if you do not have your national exam results).

Stage 2: Shortlisting for Entrance Test and Sitting for Tests

Shortlisted applicants will be informed via email on the entrance test papers they need to sit for. Details on the venue and time of the tests will be provided.  This will happen at least a week before the test date.  Please refer to this page for the syllabi and sample test papers to better prepare yourself.

Entrance Tests are typically conducted in Singapore.  However, in view of the pandemic situation and should there be sufficient candidates, SP may consider conducting Entrance Tests in neighbouring countries.

Please show up at least half an hour early and bring your identity card (with photo ID) for verification.

Stage 3: Outcome of Entrance Test

You will be informed of the outcome of the entrance tests via email, within a month of the tests.

Successful candidates will receive a course offer and enrolment information via email. Any offer made is firm and your subsequent national exam results will not matter.

Stage 4: Enrolment

Please access the E-enrolment guide here.  The steps are listed out in pages 1 to 10. 

Stage 5: Apply for Student's Pass

All international students must have a valid pass to study in SP.  For Student's Pass information please click here and follow the guide.

Stage 6: Applying for Entry Approval and Serving Stay Home Notice (SHN)

Please take note of the following process:

  1. Once you obtain the Student's Pass - In Principle Approval (STP-IPA) from ICA, you are to submit your travel plan using the link Travel Details for Entry into Singapore (use Chrome browser).
  2. You will be sent a Student’s Declaration Form to complete and submit together with your SHN accommodation details and evidences before a Monday.
  3. If the declaration form and SHN accommodation are in order, the application for entry approval will be submitted to MOE on a Monday.
  4. You will be sent a payment link by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to pay for the swab test on Tuesday/ Wednesday.  Payment has to be made by Sunday.
  5. If payment is in order, you will be sent the entry approval by MOE on Tuesday (a week after the submission of student’s application).  Entry approval will be valid for 14 days from Wednesday.
  6. You will serve a 7 or 14 day SHN upon arrival in Singapore, depending on your travel history in the last 14 days prior to your flight.  The SHN will end on the 8th or 15th day at 12pm, if your swab test result is negative.  All these are subject to change as the Covid-19 situation evolves.  Please check the ICA website for the latest SHN updates.
  7. If after your SHN and you need accommodation, you may seek our assistance.  Please email your request to
Note:  It will be 17 days from the day you are sent the Student’s Declaration Form to the first day your entry approval is valid for.  Assuming you arrive in Singapore on the first day of your entry approval is valid for and serve the 7 day SHN, it will be a minimum of 24 days before you can enter the Singapore Polytechnic campus. In the worst case scenario, this could stretch to more than 1.5 months.  It is CRITICAL that you submit documents and make payment on time, to avoid missing orientation week on 13 Apr 2021 and the start of term on 20 Apr 2021.

Stage 7: Financial Information

You can find out more about Course Fees, Government subsidy for course fees (Tuition Grant), and study loan (DBS Tuition Fee Loan) by clicking on the embedded links. Should you decide to take up the tuition grant for subsidised fees, you will be bonded to work for a Singapore company for 3 years upon graduation.

There are bursaries available to International Students. Please refer only to KKH Bursary (for Malaysian citizens only) and Donor-Sponsored Bursaries.

Stage 8: Accommodation and Cost of Living in Singapore

There are online websites advertising room or house rentals in Singapore. Accommodation costs vary by geographical area, accommodation type, size, demand, and the number of people sharing a room.

For an estimate of living expenses, please access our International Student Resources and refer to the “Estimate of Living Expenses” header.

For full time diploma international students who do not have a family residing in Singapore, you are eligible to apply for on-campus accommodation.  Vacancies are limited.   Approvals will be determined based on needs basis.  Please email your request to

Stage 9: Laptop

You will need a laptop for writing reports, e-learning, research, presentations, project discussions, or to run specialised software if your course requires it.  Singapore Polytechnic has partnered vendors to offer laptops at competitive prices. Financial assistance schemes for laptops are available, under the “Financial Assistance for Notebook PC” header.

If you already have an existing laptop, please check if it meets recommended specifications for each course.

Stage 10: Diploma Student Concession Card Application

Public transport is available at lower rates for full time Singapore Polytechnic students.  Once you have received your student pass, check your eligibility at the TransitLink website .  If eligible, proceed to submit your application either online or in person at TransitLink offices.  You will receive a second email when the concession card is ready for collection in 10 working days.

Stage 11: Check Allocated Class

Please check on your allocated class under the Enquire Student Class link just before the start of term on 20 Apr 2021.

For Further Enquiries

Please email or call +65 67751133.