If you have indicated your intention to attend the Graduation Ceremony, the following information will be useful.

Where applicable, please advise your guest accordingly.  Thank you.

The Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre (SPCC) - How to get there and parking facilities

  • The SPCC is located next to the Dover MRT Station.  See Campus Map
  • As parking facilities in the SP campus are limited, graduands and guests are strongly advised to come by public transport.
  • You may choose to come by:
    • MRT (take the MRT and alight at Dover MRT Station (EW22), or
    • Bus (take bus service no. 14, 74, 105, 106, 147, 166 or 185, and alight at the Dover MRT Station bus stop)
  • Graduands and guests who drive are advised to enter by Gate 8, along Commonwealth Avenue West.
  • Note: Parking is chargeable at S$1.20 per hour.

Admission into the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre (SPCC)

  • Admission into the SPCC is strictly by admission ticket and invitation card only.
  • Graduands and guests who are feeling unwell, or with temperatures of 38oC and above, are advised to stay at home.
  • The doors to the SPCC will be opened from 8.30 am, 12.30 pm and 4.00 pm for the morning, afternoon and evening sessions respectively.
  • Graduands who have indicated their intention to attend the graduation ceremony will be sent a Graduation Package about 1½ to 2 weeks before the Graduation Ceremony.  The package will contain a bar-coded admission ticket (for the graduand) and two invitation cards (for graduand's guests).
  • Graduates may invite up to 2 guests to attend their graduation.
  • Seating in the SPCC Hall is on a first-come-first-serve basis.  In the event that all seats in the SPCC hall are filled, guests will be ushered to the Auditorium (located within walking distance to the SPCC) to watch the graduation via live streaming.
  • Guests with children under 7 years old will be ushered to the Auditorium to watch the graduation proceedings via live streaming.
  • Guests without invitation cards will also be ushered and seated in the Auditorium to watch the graduation via live streaming.  If there are seats available in the SPCC, these guests may be ushered across to the SPCC.

Robing of Graduation Attire

  • All graduands attending the ceremony have to wear the SP Graduation Attire.
  • Robing may be done at the Level 2 Foyer of the SPCC.
  • Graduands should put on their graduation attires before going to their assigned seats inside the SPCC Hall.

Door Opening Time & Seating Time

  • The Graduation Ceremony will start officially at 9.30 am, 1.30 pm and 5.00 pm for the morning, afternoon and evening sessions respectively.  *The Graduation Ceremony on 3 May 2019 will start at 2.00 pm and 5.30 pm for the afternoon and evening sessions respectively.
  • Graduands and guests are requested to be seated 45 minutes before the official starting time for each ceremony session.
  • SessionDoor Opening TimeSeating TimeTime for Ceremony
    8.30 am

    8.45 am

    9.30 am
    12.30 pm
    *1.00 pm

    12.45 pm
    *1.15 pm

    1.30 pm
    *2.00 pm
    4.00 pm
    *4.30 pm

    4.15 pm
    *4.45 pm

    5.00 pm
    *5.30 pm
  • During this period, a series of specially prepared videos will be screened in the SPCC.
  • As a respect to others in the ceremony, guests and graduands who are late will have to wait for an appropriate break before being admitted into the SPCC Hall.

Seating Arrangements for Graduands and Guests

  • Graduands and guests will be seated in separate seating blocks.
  • Graduands will be assigned seat numbers and must be seated in their allocated seats.
  • Guests will not be given any seat numbers and may be seated in the areas as directed by the ushers.  Seating will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • The seating capacity in the SPCC is limited.
  • Depending on seat availability in the SPCC, guests may be ushered and seated in the Auditorium which has live streaming.
  • Guests with children below 7 years old will be ushered to be seated in the Auditorium, which is located within walking distance to the SPCC, to watch the live streaming.

Important Things to Note in the SPCC

  1. Food and beverages are not allowed in the SPCC.
  2. For safety reasons, balloons are not allowed in the SPCC as it may be a fire hazard.
  3. During the ceremony, guests and graduands are requested to switch their mobile phones and other beeping devices to silent mode.
  4. Professional photographers have been engaged by SP to take photographs of graduands as they are being presented on stage.  Orders can be made after the ceremony session.  Graduands and guests are therefore requested not to leave their seats during the graduation ceremony to take photographs or videos.
  5. After the ceremony, guests and graduands will be invited to a tea reception.  As the campus is large, graduands are advised to make specific arrangements where to meet their guests during the tea reception.
  6. Please refrain from lingering inside the SPCC for photo-taking after the ceremony.  Your co-operation will be appreciated as the organisers need to prepare the venue for the next graduation session.
  7. You may take photos using the backdrops at the Plaza and outside the Auditorium.

Graduation Etiquette

The Graduation Ceremony is a formal occasion.  When presented on the stage, graduands are expected to behave in a manner that is befitting of the occasion.

Ceremony: Programme & Proceedings

The proceedings for each ceremony session will be as follows:

Graduation Programme & Proceedings
*Graduands and guests will be requested to stand.

Presentation of Diplomas to Graduands on Stage

  • When it is your turn to be presented on stage, the marshal will prompt you to join the queue.
  • Before joining the queue, you must have your admission ticket and NRIC/11B/Passport/Admission Card ready in the pocket of your graduation gown.
  • Please follow the marshals' instructions and refrain from talking when queuing.
  • When you step on stage, hand your bar-coded admission ticket to the person in charge of scanning.  Then stand at the line and wait for your name to be announced.
  • As your name is announced and projected on the screen, walk across the stage smartly and shake hands with your Director of School.
  • As you are presented with your scroll box, your photograph will be taken by official photographers engaged by the Singapore Polytechnic.
  • After receiving your scroll box, walk smartly down from the stage.
  • As you leave the stage, a login ID and password will be handed to you.  Do not lose this card as you will need the information to place orders for your photographs after the Graduation Ceremony.

Collection of Diploma & Academic Transcript

  • After leaving the stage, you will be directed by marshals to the diploma collection area to collect your diploma certificate and academic transcript.
  • At the diploma collection area, you will be asked to produce your NRIC/11B/Passport/Admission Card.  Diploma certificates and academic transcripts will not be issued without proof of identity.
  • After collecting your diploma certificate and academic transcript please return to your seat inside the Convention Centre.



  • Please check that you have been issued with the correct diploma certificate and academic transcript before leaving the diploma collection area.
  • If there are any errors, please report it immediately to the staff on duty at the diploma collection centre or call the Examinations Office after the last day of the Graduation Ceremony.

Tea Reception

  • All graduates and guests will be invited to join a mass tea reception at the Plaza Area after each ceremony session.
  • Enjoy mingling and catching up with your friends and lecturers at the tea reception!

Graduation Photo Orders

  • All graduands may place their orders for their graduation photos at the photographer's booth, located in the Atrium @ T12, opposite (SPCC) after the ceremony.
  • The instructions for the ordering of the photo will be provided on graduation day.
  • Alternatively, you may login to the official photographers' website http://www.spgraduation2020.comto preview and order your photos on-line.
  • For enquiries regarding the photo order, please contact GDZ Shoppe at 98196957.  Alternatively, you can email GDZ Shoppe at

    GDZ Shoppe
    Tel: 98196957
    Address: 101 Rivervale Walk, Unit 04-38, Postal Code 540101
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