Celebrating 70 Years of SP


SP Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

What began in a humble five-storey building on Prince Edward Road grew into Singapore's largest polytechnic—a sprawling campus spanning 38 hectares of lush greenery and over 230,000 esteemed alumni. Our 70-year milestone in 2024 is a moment of reflection and celebration, but also the beginning of our next era, with more to discover and more to accomplish. This is SP at 70.


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For All Ages

In celebration of SP's 70th anniversary, we have launched a commemorative book titled ‘For All Ages, Singapore Polytechnic At Seventy’, featuring some of the people and moments that have shaped us through the years.

Watch this special video featuring interview snippets from the stories in our commemorative book.

Download the e-book and discover what makes SP a poly ‘For All Ages’.



Becoming “future-ready” is at the core of SP's DNA, expressed in our mission of being life-ready, work-ready and world-ready. Here's an extract from our commemorative book outlining three areas where SP is leading the way forward:


people-icon Personal/Work Life

Personal and work life are undergoing fundamental change. Being globally connected is a key aspect of SP's “future-ready” DNA. This includes fostering curiosity about the rest of the world, in all its diversity. Such an international outlook also builds empathy with people of other cultures, which is a vital ingredient in most fields of work, along with the capacity to understand the needs of users and consumers, markets and audiences.


industry-icon Industry Disruptions

The whole universe of industry has become much more disruptive, with game-changing developments in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics. To be future-ready, SP will need to embrace, and adapt to, change in industry – whether from technological advances or other shifts in the workplace. Anticipating the future is the only safeguard against the worst of disruption and displacement.


global-icon Global Shifts

Of all the global issues facing the world, for most people, climate change tops the list. This subject is huge too, at Singapore Polytechnic, as efforts to help students become more “future-ready” focus on addressing sustainability, always from a holistic, big-picture perspective. This commitment is most concrete in the Polytechnic’s Sustainable Innovation Project (SIP), one of the 10 modules of the Common Core Curriculum. This is a learning experience that culminates in a capstone project that students work on in their second year of study.




Celebrate With Us!

4-6 January 2024

SP 70th Anniversary Open House

Experience our Open House like never before as we celebrate 70 years of SP! Come down and explore the limitless possibilities that await you at Singapore's first poly. Learn more

8 March 2024

SP 70th Anniversary Music Festival

Helmed by our Media, Arts & Design School (MAD), this year's Music Festival is set to be a blast with an exciting lineup of artistes including SP alumni. Stay tuned for more info!



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