Graduate Services

Request for

Academic Transcript 

For graduates, former and current students of Singapore Polytechnic who require a full listing of their examination results

Certification Letter for Successful Completion of Course

  • A letter addressed "To Whom It May Concern" verifying that you have successfully completed your course
  • For graduands who have yet to receive their diploma scroll and transcript at the Graduation Ceremony
  • Graduands may apply online through the Student Administration System (SAS) (Academic > Certification Letters (Self-service)).

Syllabus Request

  • For graduates applying for studies in local or overseas institutions

Graduate Verification Service

  • The Graduate Verification Service can be used by prospective employers and Higher Learning Institutions to validate the Diploma graduates from 1999.

Replacement Diploma/Certificate

  • This service is open to all SP graduates.


  • For graduands who required information for digital certificates on OpenCerts

Posting Of Documents Overseas

  • For graduands who require posting of their transcripts overseas


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