What We Do

Formed in 2014, User Experience Centre (UXC) is a collective of four Design Thinking units started since 2010 when Singapore Polytechnic (SP) first introduced user-centric design in the organization.

The dynamic, multidisciplinary team at UXC helps our partners to resolve complex issues using our design process. UXC also provides opportunities for SP staff and students to integrate classroom learning with real-life applications for real-world users and clients.

At the same time, this allows us to offer our industry partners more options and flexibility for different modes of collaboration.


The User Experience Centre (UXC) is the design and innovation consultancy of Singapore Polytechnic (SP).


UXC has continued to leverage on Design Thinking since SP embraced it in 2010 and has expanded its Human Centred Innovation framework to include Emotional Design, Behavioural Insights, LEAN waste management, Spatial Redesign and Business Model innovation


UXC has engaged more than 600 SP staff and students in various projects and training


Completed more than 88 client projects in product, service and space innovation


UXC has collaborated with 19 ministries and statutory boards


Boeing has patented 3 ideas developed by 6 SP students in a studio project managed by UXC

Our Services


Our Focus Areas

Government Agencies

Extension of champions among government agencies in the practice of user-centred design

Support agencies through training programmes and consultancy projects

Industry Players

Gather multi-disciplinary perspectives

Gain local and regional consumer insights

Co-create, prototype, test and refine concepts for implementation

SP Staff and Students

Provide multiple platforms for networking with strategic partners

Offer authentic learning experiences in real-world projects

Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams

Opportunities to apply design thinking in the real world projects

Clients & Partners

We create impact with our internal and external partners


Meet the Team


Tang Soo Yin

Centre Director - Architecture, Design, Education & Trained UXUI Researcher & Designer

I am the epitome of polarities. I love my chee kueh & kopi and can indulge perfectly with yuzu cheese cake & hot latte any time! Creative confidence resides in every one of us. Nothing is by chance. Everything is by design.

Let's talk, let's get curious and let's do this better together. This matters.


Goh Siak Koon

Centre Specialist - Architecture / Education

AKA “Ever Optimistic, Can-Do Person”
Siak Koon never says no. NEVER! He is an extreme visionary and has a knack for bringing people together on projects. When he is not in the office, you will find him in a coffee shop sipping his Kopi Siew Dai while securing the next big deal.


Aznan Abu Bakar

Centre Specialist - Business & User Experience

AKA "The Ring Leader"
Aznan works to travel and travels for work too! As the ring leader who herds kittens for kicks, he is comfortable working in the margins where some naïve yet hard questions have helped the team to uncover new insights to improve user experiences.


Teoh Swee Bing

Centre Specialist - Spatial & User Experience

AKA "The Catalyst Curator"
I'm an experienced project leader who loves a good challenge and is passionate about making a positive impact on society. My creative mindset fuels my work, and I'm always excited to take on projects that align with my values. Bringing people and ideas together for fostering a culture of innovation and growth is something I truly enjoy being a part of!


Kenneth Tan

Designer - Interior Design

AKA "The Resource Cleric"
Kenneth is ridiculously resourceful and is the go-to personnel in providing sustenance to the team. He consolidates the monthly pantry order and redistributes manpower during crunch time. The interns love watching him perform magic on SketchUp.


500 Dover Rd, T4A31, Singapore 139651

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+65 6870 8360



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