International students pursuing full-time studies at Singapore Polytechnic will need to apply for a Student's Pass. This includes students from local secondary schools, even if your old Student's Pass has not expired.

The only exception is for holders of valid Dependant's Pass*, Long-Term Visit Pass* or Immigration Exemption Order. They are not required to apply for a Student's Pass and may pursue full-time studies within the duration of their existing pass. If the existing pass expires or is cancelled during their studies, the student will need to apply for a Student's Pass to continue his/her studies, subject to the prevailing Student's Pass eligibility criteria.

*Note to Dependant's Pass (DP) and Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) holders: All international students on DP and LTVP will need to apply for a separate Letter of Consent (LOC) from Ministry of Manpower (MOM) before commencing internship and it may take up to 4 weeks of processing time. If there is a change to the internship company, a new LOC is required and will need to be obtained before the internship starts with the new company. Hence, you are strongly encouraged to apply for a Student's Pass at the point of enrolment. Upon issuance of a Student's Pass, your DP/LTVP will be cancelled automatically.

The following steps will guide you on the Student's Pass Application Process once you have completed your Task 1 - Acceptance of Offer.

Student's Pass Application Process


ICA will take action against international students studying full-time without a valid immigration pass. It is therefore important that you submit a copy of your Student’s Pass / Dependant’s Pass / Long-Term Visit Pass / Immigration Exemption Order to notify SP that you have valid pass to study at SP and remain in Singapore. Failure to submit will also result in the delay of processing the application for Tuition Grant and Diploma Student Concession Card.

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