All international students must have a valid pass to study in SP and are advised to apply for a Student's Pass.

Even if your old Student's Pass for your secondary school has not expired, you are still required to apply for a new Student's Pass.

Note to Dependant's Pass (DP) holders: DP holders are still required to submit a new Student's Pass application. Please note that all international students on DP will need to apply for a Letter of Consent (LOC) from Ministry of Manpower in order to proceed for internship and it may take up to 4 weeks of processing time. If there is a change to the internship company, a new LOC is required and will need to be obtained before the internship starts with the new company. Hence, you are strongly encouraged to apply for a Student's Pass at the point of enrolment. 

a) Student's Pass: You will give up your Dependant's Pass for a Student's Pass.

b) Dependant's Pass (DP): ICA will issue a Letter of Consent (LOC) while on a valid DP. Please indicate LOC in the remarks when you submit eForm 16 (please refer to Step 4 below).  

The following steps will guide you on the Student's Pass Application Process once you have completed your Task 1 - Acceptance of Offer.

Student's Pass Application Process


It is important to submit a copy of your Student's Pass to SP to notify us that you have a valid pass to remain in Singapore.
Failure to submit will result in the delay of processing the Tuition Grant and Diploma Student Concession Card.