All international students must have a valid pass to study in SP.

Even if your old Student's Pass for your secondary school has not expired, you are still required to apply for a new Student's Pass.

Note to Dependant's Pass (DP) holders: DP holders are still required to submit a new Student's Pass application. You may choose to study at Singapore Polytechnic using a Student's Pass or Dependant's Pass.

a) Student's Pass: You will give up your Dependant's Pass for a Student's Pass.

b) Dependant's Pass (DP): ICA will issue a Letter of Consent (LOC) while on a valid DP. Please indicate LOC in the remarks when you submit eForm 16 (please refer to Step 4 below).  

The following steps will guide you on the Student's Pass Application Process.

Student's Pass Application Process

Click here for the "Student Pass_Application Flowchart" .
Step 1:SP will send you an email notification and SMS (if you have provided your local contact number).
Step 2:When you receive the email/SMS, go to ICA website and click on "Foreign Student" button to start the application. 
Step 3:Login to ICA website by keying the following:

Student's Pass Application Number#:
Date of Birth:

#Your Student's Pass Application Number is PS-2020-xxxxxxx00000000 where xxxxxxx is your SP Admission Number. 
For example: If your Admission Number is 2001882, your Student's Pass Application Number will be PS-2020-200188200000000. 

Step 4:Complete eForm16 and print a copy after submitting.

Note: If your name reflected in eForm16 is different from the name printed on your passport, do not submit eForm16.

Email immediately with a scanned copy of your passport particulars page. Indicate your full name, admission number, identification/FIN number and your offered course in the email, with email subject as "Wrong name in eForm16 (Student's Pass Application)". We will get back to you as soon as we can.  

Step 5:Once the application is approved (check the status at ICA website - View Application Status), print the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter (click on Print Outcome Letter).
Step 6:After printing the IPA letter, you are required to complete the Student's Pass Formalities with the Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA) and collect your Student's Pass:

1) Book an e-appointment  with ICA.

2) Go to ICA Building (in person) on the scheduled appointment date and time to complete the formalities and collect your Student's Pass. Refer to your IPA Letter for more information on what documents to bring on your appointment day. You may also visit ICA website for more details.

Important notes from ICA:

  • Students are reminded not to leave Singapore until you have collected your Student's Pass
  • Uncollected Student's Pass will be invalidated by ICA, which will result in students not having a valid pass to stay in Singapore
Step 7:Upon receipt of your Student's Pass, you should pay your course fees via AXS:
  • AXS Station via NETS (Machines located island-wide),
  • AXS e-Station (Internet)
  • AXS m-Station (Mobile/Tablet devices) via Credit Card (MASTER)

​Subsequently, submit a photocopy of your newly issued Student's Pass at One Stop Centre within one week of issuance of Student's Pass.

For payment in campus, please proceed to One Stop Centre located at Block T16 Level 1.  The payment options are:

  • Credit Card (VISA or MASTER)
  • Nets
  • Nets Flashpay
  • Nets QR code
  • Money Order / Cheque.

For Cash payment, please proceed to selected OCBC Bank branches (please refer to Step 3 "Pay Course Fees" for the location of the branches in Enrolment e-Guide).


It is important to submit a copy of your Student's Pass to SP to notify us that you have a valid pass to remain in Singapore.
Failure to submit will result in the delay of processing the Tuition Grant and Diploma Student Concession Card.

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