'Not just a drink': How influencers, marketing and collectible culture fuel Prime's popularity in Singapore

20 Jan 2024

The brand's first offering was Hydration, a sports drink which is caffeine-free and contains coconut water and electrolytes. It eventually rolled out its Energy line which is sold in cans and has been known to have high caffeine content. And with huge global fan bases adding up to nearly 50 million subscriptions, Briton KSI and American Paul have the perfect launchpad for a viral product, said Ms Sau Yee Leung, a senior lecturer at SP's school of business. "They also have a foot in various areas teenagers are passionate about, from boxing, gaming to music and more," she explained. "Everyone wants to be part of the conversation around Prime to be seen as the 'in' crowd. Influencers and celebrities sharing their own content when they get their hands on Prime drinks create further virality." Experts said it remains to be seen if Prime's appeal and apparent cool factor will be dampened by its availability at a mainstream retailer like FairPrice. Ms Sau said: "If FairPrice does not bring in the product, another supermarket chain might. Given the hype around the Prime brand, FairPrice would definitely benefit as one of the first retailers to bring in the product."


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