Acquiring new skills to advance in their careers

17 Aug 2016

Lianhe Zaobao, 17 Aug 2016 - Article on SkillsFuture featured alumnus from SP’s Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA), Fernandez Bryan Joseph, as well as SP’s Specialist Diploma in Port Management and Operations student, Liang Wen Hao. Both of them opined on how the SkillsFuture initiatives have given them opportunities in their career and equipped them with relevant skills for the maritime industry. Fernandez, who has been working at Emas Offshore for eight years, completed the Certificate of Competency Class 1 course at SMA under a company scholarship. He has also achieved the NTU’s Master of Science in Maritime Studies this year even though his academic results were not as outstanding when he was younger. With the score of 150 for his PSLE, he entered the Normal (Technical) stream and proceeded to study electrical engineering at ITE. Fernandez was one of 22 recipients from the maritime industry for the SkillsFuture Study Awards. Article also mentioned the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme for the Maritime Sector which was launched in June this year and has trained 41 polytechnic graduates to become port operation officers, deck officers and marine engineers. After working in PSA Corporation for two years, Wen Hao joined the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme for Port Operations and is currently studying for a specialist diploma in port management and operations at SP. He shared his experience of the programme and how it has helped him to better understand port operations. Wen Hao who graduated from TP, highlighted the importance of lifelong learning and mentioned that learning should not stop after graduation.

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