Final-year project becomes real business

04 Apr 2016

The Straits Times, 4 Apr 2016 - Article on poly students becoming entrepreneurs featured Marshal – a business selling customised leather products – set up by four students from SP’s Diploma in Business Administration. The business started out as a final-year project by the students as part of their year-long entrepreneurship module. With SP’s support, the four students were attached to a local company selling leather products. The owner of the company taught them the skills needed to create their own leather products. After mastering the trade, the team promoted its good on social media platforms and contacted companies to seek business opportunities. The company has made $6,000 in profit over the past six months and the team plans to run their own workshop in the future. Article also featured the phone business belonging to a NP Business Studies graduate and a crowdsourced courier service run by two TP graduates.


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