Food that goes the extra mile

06 Apr 2016

Today, 6 Apr 2016 Article highlighted new food products developed by scientists here in recent years which make it easier for the health-conscious and those with chronic diseases to boost their nutrition. Madam Lau Kum Yee, SP’s course chair for the Diploma in Food Science and Technology, opined that there is significant potential for innovation in food products with added health benefits as Singaporeans are now more aware and concerned about their health and are taking a more pro-active approach to eating well. The article mentioned that SP’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences has developed eight food products suitable for people with various health conditions, such as a low-glycaemic index (GI) banana chocolate cupcake and a low-GI brownie, which are currently available at The Diabetic Shop. SP students and lecturers also developed healthier versions of local snacks, such as a layered jam cake and kueh bahulu for patients on haemodialysis, as well as kaya with reduced sugar, fat and cholesterol. The article also mentioned NYP’s Centre for Functional Food and Human Nutrition, which works with commercial enterprises in the area of functional food research.

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