Gentle learning curve makes logistics the pick for many a mid-career switch

01 Dec 2016

Today, 1 Dec 2016 - Article highlighted that a growing number of Singaporeans are looking to join the growing logistics industry, which is seen as one of the sectors that are more conducive to professionals seeking a mid-career switch given the gentle learning curve and less complex skills required. Over the next five years, the Government estimates that 2,000 jobs will be created in the sector for professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs). The Ministry of Trade and Industry shared that emerging and niche roles at executive or senior executive levels in areas such as programme management, logistics information systems, as well as innovation and process improvements will see stronger demand. Also, the Government recently unveiled a roadmap for the sector, one of 23 under its $4.5 billion Industry Transformation Programme to augment skills, boost productivity and innovation, and help companies spread their wings overseas. The article also highlighted that there is a wide range of training options available for people keen to join the logistics industry. Logistics programmes, which range from modular certificates to diplomas and degrees, are offered by educational institutions like the Singapore Institute of Materials Management (SIMM), SP’s Professional and Adult Continuing Education (PACE) Academy, SIM University (UniSIM) and Kaplan. Mr Muhamad Fahdil, who is enrolled in a part-time diploma programme in freight and transport services at SP PACE Academy, is featured in the article. For the past seven years, Mr Fahdil has been working at the frontlines of luxury retail, selling everything from bags to shirts. However, he is fascinated by what transpires before goods hit the shelves. To satisfy his curiosity, Mr Fahdil enrolled in the part-time diploma and hopes to build a career in logistics after he finishes the year-long course next August. He opined that the money and time invested is well worth the effort, and shared that the course’s intensive modules give him insight into the process of transporting and distributing goods before they reach the store.

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