Not Special, Just Me

03 Oct 2016

CNA Insider, 28 Sep 2016 - Documentary by Channel News Asia featured SP’s Diploma in Visual Communication and Media Design student Chester Sim, who was diagnosed with mild autism when he was three years old. Chester and his mother shared how he was ostracised and bullied by his primary school classmates and teachers. His talent in drawing flourished and he learnt to communicate better with others, after he was sent to Pathlight School, an autism-focused educational institution. However, wearing the Pathlight School uniform caused him to face even more stigma from society. Initially, Chester was reluctant to appear in the video but eventually he began showcasing his action figures collections and drawings. His mother mentioned that after he enrolled in SP, most people including his lecturers, do not think that he is any different from the rest. Chester also showed one of his school assignments on digital illustration.

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