Overseas project turns quiet and reserved SP student into confident and outspoken young man

17 May 2016

Stomp, 13 May 2016 - Article featured SP’s Diploma in Accountancy (DAC) graduate and Institutional Medallist Philbert Lim. He shared how his challenging childhood became a powerful motivating factor for him to study hard so he can give his family a better life in future. He did well in his ‘O’ Level examinations and chose to continue his studies at a junior college. After two months, he decided that to appeal to DAC, after struggling with the style of learning in junior college. The most memorable SP experience for Philbert was a two-week overseas trip to Laos where he experienced the villagers' harsh living conditions. All of these unique experiences have changed Philbert from a quiet and reserved teenager to one who is now confident and increasingly outspoken. After his national service, Philbert plans to further his studies in accountancy with a local university. In the long run, he hopes to use his connections with the finance industry to create community programmes that will benefit youths from broken families.

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