After 42 years of service in the police force, he continues to contribute experience after retirement

01 Apr 2024

4The Ministry of Home Affairs is committed to supporting the career transition of police officers. In 2016, the Ministry established the Home Team Career Transition Office and implemented a five-year career transition plan to help police officers prepare psychologically for transition and support their on-the-job training and development. This includes arranging training during officers' vacations and providing relevant subsidies. The authorities plan to further strengthen three main areas. Firstly, they aim to provide personalised career guidance for each retired police officer, a programme that was piloted last year and will be fully implemented this year. Secondly, they plan to expand partnerships, such as collaborating with SP to pilot a Facilities and Operations Management course for 17 officers. Additionally, the authorities are enhancing their network with retired officers and employers to recommend job opportunities and improve employment prospects and opportunities for police officers.

[Lianhe Zaobao]

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