Aptitude and passion play pivotal roles in early admission to polytechnics

19 Jun 2018

Editorial featured Mr William Chan, Deputy Director of SP’s Department of Academic services, who shared about the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) and polytechnic education. William said the EAE is not an avenue for applicants to “reserve” a place in a polytechnic early. It is, rather, a pathway for students who have the aptitudes as well as demonstrable and sustained passions for their choice course of study. He added that SP is looking to accept applicants with the appropriate aptitude and passion to be intrinsically motivated to excel in their course of study. William also shared that SP offers 40 full-time diploma courses in areas such as architecture, applied sciences, engineering, information and digital technology and business, as well as three common entry programmes. There are also over 100 student clubs and sport teams that are available as co-curricular activities (CCAs).
[The New Paper, online]
TNP_EAE William
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