Blended learning to pick up momentum next year

21 Dec 2020

News clip reported that blended learning, which mixes online and classroom lessons, will pick up momentum to become an integral feature of the school curricula next year. Online learning is not new to students in the IHLs and they were able to ease into it better during the COVID-19 disruptions. SP’s Diploma in Experience & Product Design student, Danial Haziq, shared his experience working on a digital marketing campaign online with students from different fields as part of an elective module. This elective module will be integrated into SP’s new Diploma in Media, Arts & Design (DMAD) course, with blended learning taking centre stage.  SP’s Deputy Director of the Media, Arts & Design School, Tang Soo Yin, opined on this blended learning approach. She shared that the idea of learning core fundamentals online equips students with basic information and knowledge. During face-to-face sessions in class, students will then get to work on real life projects with industry partners, where they get to clarify and reinforce learning through hands-on application. News clip also reported that 74% of NP students surveyed understand what is being taught online.

[Channel NewsAsia]

Blended learning to pick up momentum next year
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