Can you – should you – eat food that has passed its expiry date?

11 Nov 2018

Article highlighted the edibility of food products past its expiry date. Food manufacturers employ methods to extend the life span of their food products such as ensuring less moisture and/or more acidity, and managing sugar or salt levels. Heat and preservatives such as benzoates are also used. Dr Matthew Zhao, packaging technologist at SP’s Food Innovation and Resource Centre, explained that the shelf life of food products such as eggs, bread and milk can be extended from days to months, depending on the food, processing and packaging techniques. He shared that jarred items such as jam, peanut butter and sauces can be extended for months, while juices and stock in tetra packs can last from months to years. Canned food and convenient frozen bites, including fish balls, fish fingers, crab sticks, nuggets and dumplings, should remain good for a couple of years. (CNA Lifestyle)
12 Nov - Can you – should you – eat food that

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