Charting out a new career by learning programming

16 Feb 2021

Article featured SP alumni Qiu Yong Zhen who took up a basic programming course to improve her accounting skills. She did not expect herself to fall in love with programming but went on to take an advanced programming ‘Full Stack’ course and eventually enrolled into Power X, a deep tech traineeship programme offered by SG Innovate. She is on her way to realising her dream of building a robot from scratch and hopes to develop a robot that can solve problems and improve the quality of life. Yong Zhen is now receiving on-the-job training at Move AI, a robotics company, after completing her modular training at NP. As one of the rare female robotics software developer, she hopes her experience will inspire those interested in joining the technology industry to consider a career switch.  

[Lianhe Zaobao]

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