Cleaning firms tapping tech to lift productivity

11 Dec 2018

Article highlighted that some cleaning companies in Singapore are turning to advanced technology, such as robotics, VR and mobile computing, to raise productivity, retain staff and stand out from the pack. About 60 cleaners at local firm Ministry of Clean have been picking up cleaning skills in a three-dimensional environment under a VR training course, with the hope that polishing their skills can lead to better career prospects and higher wages. The Employment and Employability Institute said cleaning firms, which number over 1,300 here, are among the top five industries tapping its innovation grant to defray technology costs. Other firms team up with educational institutions, such as polytechnics, to come up with high-tech solutions. The Ministry of Clean's VR training course, for example, was the brainchild of SP’s game development students who interned at the firm for two years. Mr Vincent Goh Lian Koon, lecturer at SP’s School of Computing, shared that it is viable for companies to approach SP for a proof-of-concept, since adopting technology can be expensive. (The Straits Times, pC1)
11 Dec - cleaning firms
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