CNA 938 Interview with Singapore Polytechnic PCEO Soh Wai Wah

10 Jul 2023

SP has partnered KPMG to commence a study to promote decarbonisation and a sustainability roadmap to drive positive and impactful change within the polytechnic and the industries. SP Principal and CEO Soh Wai Wah shared that SP has always been in the forefront of green initiatives and sees the institution as having the responsibility to infuse sustainability into the curriculum so as to prepare the next generation for the challenges ahead. He added that SP must also be an example to students by always doing more. As the government has set a goal to reduce 10% of energy consumption, SP has made the choice to set a higher bar to reduce 15% of their energy reduction. Staff have also voluntarily made changes to their lifestyles to reduce consumption, and be role models for the students. The partnership with KPMG will help SP reach net-zero emission by 2045. Before the partnership, SP has also started various initiatives to reduce carbon emission around the campus through changes and upgrades. Mr Soh added that on top of the current initiatives, SP has the ambition to retrain the adult workforce and help companies become green in their transformation journey. SP is committed to help the young, as well as the industries.

SP Sustainability Matters