Committee of Supply 2023 debate, Day 6: Janet Ang on nurturing the ‘heart-ware’ of Singapore

03 Mar 2023

In Parliament on Friday (Mar 3), SP Chairman and Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Ms Janet Ang wanted to know how the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) is enabling, empowering, and compensating social workers so that they can meaningfully journey with families and persons in their care. She also wanted to know how MSF is attracting good people and leaders. Chairman highlighted the SBF Foundation collaboration with SP where ten youths from SP were connected with five ‘towkays’ who joined the mission to uplift and inspire youths from vulnerable families.  One of the ‘towkays’ Mr Jester Loy, a third-generation leader of Ya Kun, shared how youth perception of his company was important, enabling him to grow his company. Two of the students shared that connections were important nowadays. The youth connections allowed them to speak to business leaders, regained friendships and grew their confidence.

[Channel NewsAsia]


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