Customised solutions and training workshops: How non-profit organisations can boost productivity at no cost

29 Apr 2024

Singapore Pools Academy (SgPA) provides a programme where participants learn to automate repetitive tasks using Microsoft Power Automate. Initially conceived as the in-house training and development arm of Singapore Pools, SgPA extended its training programmes to non-profit organisations in 2021. Beyond leveraging in-house expertise, SgPA has teamed up with like-minded partners including SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) to share about upskilling initiatives and resources that can help boost employability and empower career trajectory. It is also working with educational institutions such as SP and the SIT in conducting the courses. In 2021, ​the Academy partnered SSG and SP in launching the SgPools Academy-SP Connexion Programme as part of the national SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package to equip mid-career jobseekers with in-demand skills for emerging roles in the non-profit sector, such as business process specialist, business analyst, and programme executive.

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