Dillon Tay Wei Chun's interview with CNA938

26 May 2024

Dillon Tay Wei Chun graduated from SP with a Diploma in Engineering with Business and was a recipient of the Lee Kwan Yew Award. He had a rocky start to his education journey, but a dedicated teacher during his secondary school years was able to instil the correct values in him, which helped him turn his life around. He also shared that his diploma is a combination of three different schools – mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and business. This course allowed him to learn how three very different scopes can come together to collaborate, helping them turn engineering ideas into viable businesses. Dylan was also sent to KL to participate in a sustainability competition, where he was tasked to solve a sustainability issue within the Malay community. The event showcased how much he has learned from the course, and he later used the facilities in SP to create the prototype, before pitching his idea to a panel of judges in Malaysia. It allowed him to turn an idea into something that warrants funding.


SP Sustainability Matters