Fingers hot with passion

08 Oct 2019

Article featured SP Diploma in Music & Audio Technology student, Xu Junyi. Since he was 17, Junyi has been performing in various performances and even won himself the third prize in an international music competition. He has been learning the piano and violin since he was six and started to explore the guitar about four years ago. Once, he was exposed to an online game involving the use of an electric guitar and from then on, he was obsessed with the instrument. He would self-learn the guitar from watching videos and often performed at bars such as Timbre and Crazy Elephant to accumulate experience. For his talent and hard work, he will be representing Singapore in The Australian Guitar Festival from 11 to 13 October to showcase his talent. Moving forward, he also hopes to enrol in the Berklee College of Music - the “Harvard” college of the music world. (Lianhe Zaobao, p9)


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