How to land a place in university – here’s a tip: Don’t use ChatGPT

04 Feb 2024

Many polytechnic graduates believe there is a quota to limit university places for them. There is no such thing – admission is based on merit. In 2023, around one in three of a polytechnic cohort landed a place in a local university. Before the expansion of university places about 10 years ago, only about 20 per cent were successful. NUS has a special scheme to draw polytechnic graduates who are interested in entrepreneurship. It asks the polytechnics to nominate students who show this inclination, including those who have participated in entrepreneurship-related programmes. SUTD offers the Poly-SUTD Pathway Programme for graduates from three polytechnics – NP, SP and TP – who are interested in studying engineering at SUTD. Those selected can take the first-year course while studying for their diploma course. SIT and SUSS cater more to polytechnic graduates, not just in their applied learning approach, but also in their degree programmes, which are aligned to polytechnic diploma courses.

[Straits Times]

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