Interview with Fann Zhi Jie

11 Nov 2023

SP will celebrate its 70th anniversary next year. In this interview, SP Assistant Director for Industry and Partnership, Fann Zhi Jie, who is also the recipient for the 2023 President’s Award for Teachers, shared his experience working at the polytechnic to develop curriculum and support students in their learning. He shared the differences and challenges in self-learning and how design is being taught to students. His role is to help them develop judgement, and help them be heard and seen, so that they can explore on their own. As students come from diverse backgrounds, Zhi Jie shared how he manages their differences, to allow students to develop their point of view through peer activities. He added that mature students are tapped on for their experiences and values. His aim is to help students connect with the community and support their vision for society. Learning in the community also helps them build connections with clients.


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