Lecturer resumes teaching duties after four months of recovery from a bike accident

18 Dec 2018

Article featured SP Electrical & Electronic Engineering Senior Lecturer, Jiang Junyong and his determination to recover from a major bike accident. During a trip in Cambodia, he was involved in a major bike accident that caused him to suffer severe head injuries, loss of vision in his left eye, nerve damage on the right side of his face and his speech was affected. Even though he now has to walk with a walking stick, Junyong resumed his teaching duties after four months of recovery through sheer determination. He has been teaching in SP for 18 years now. Article also mentioned the “Floating on Water” water activity that Junyong and six other SP staff developed. The activity allows one to “walk on water” simply through the use of special shoes made from foam boards. Junyong commented that during the course of his recovery, he also participated in the activity as rehabilitation to strengthen his muscles. (Shin Min Daily News, p7)


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