Never regretted taking the longer road to success

26 May 2020

Article featured SP’s Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA) graduate, Insyirah Salleh, who used to skip classes and not complete her assignments, as she had to accompany her mother and grandmother who were in the hospital. She failed her modules in the first year, but with the support and motivation of her lecturers, Insyirah managed to get As for her exams in year two. Insyirah did not do well for her ‘O’ Levels, and ended up in another polytechnic doing something that did not interest her. After half a year, she decided to quit poly, and re-take her ‘O’ Levels as a private candidate. It was a costly decision and she had to take up part-time jobs to support herself. She eventually made it to SP’s DLA, and was given the opportunity to intern at Surbana Jurong, where she created artist impressions for the Housing Development Board (HDB). COMMS Note: This is part of our Graduation 2020 stories.

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