New GI test may boost development of healthy foods

28 Nov 2018

Article featured the Glycaemic Index Speed Test (GIST), a new technique for food-manufacturing companies to reformulate their food products in a fast and cost-effective manner. The GIST technique, developed by SP’s Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC), delivers results in one to two weeks at a cost of about $800. This is a giant leap from the current conventional method, which involves selecting volunteers and testing their blood – a process that takes three to six months and costs $3,000. Dr Ken Lee, Senior Manager at FIRC, shared that firms can save 73 per cent in costs and the process can be shortened from years to months. GIST was one of several innovations used to support Singapore’s war on diabetes initiative that was introduced to foreign delegates in the two-day Ministerial Conference on Diabetes. Since this February, GIST has been used in 17 projects, including a low-GI sugar product known as Nucane, produced by Singapore-based food science firm Nutrition Innovation. Its chief executive Matthew Godfrey shared that FIRC is viewed as a key centre of excellence and its expertise helps the company combat diabetes and obesity in Singapore and around the world. Dr Yasuhiro Suzuki, Japan's Vice-Minister for Health, expressed his interest in working with Nutrition Innovation and with the FIRC.  
28 Nov - New GI test may boost development
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