New lab provides services such as technical support and market analysis to assist businesses in researching, developing, and producing innovative food products

24 Apr 2024

Under Temasek Holdings, the sustainable food investment company Nurasa has established the FoodTech Innovation Centre (FTIC) at Biopolis, occupying 3,840 square metres. With funding exceeding $30 million in the first three years, the laboratory features multiple high-tech facilities, including top-notch precision fermentation and food processing technologies. Next, the FoodTech Innovation Centre will collaborate with NUS, NTU, and SP to discover more specialised talents in food science and technology, while also creating new job opportunities. Currently, the laboratory is in discussions with the head of culinary courses at the RP, hoping to attract students for internships and research on new flavours of food.

[Lianhe Zaobao]


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