Optometry boss, 37, who retained, upskilled workers during Covid-19 among NTUC May Day Awards recipients

22 May 2023

Article reported that Diploma in Optometry alumnus, Ken Tong, received the Partner of Labour Movement Award at the NTUC May Day Awards ceremony. The founder of The Eyecare Initiative stores said that he did not have to let any workers go during the Covid-19 pandemic despite business being bad. When the crisis abated and business picked up, he raised their wages and provided them with training. One of Ken’s employees, optometrist Cheryl Xie, who is also an SP alumna, said that he provided her with more than just a job. Other than doing a retail role, she has also shown interest in marketing some of the firm’s products online, and has taken the initiative to create content for Instagram and TikTok, for example. Having joined as a full-time worker a year ago after graduating from a polytechnic here, Cheryl said that she has learned a lot from Mr Tong’s guidance on the job.


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