Overcoming the odds

06 Jun 2018

Editorial featured SP’s Diploma in Interior Design student Seow Qing Huat. Growing up, the 22-year-old has always enjoyed drawing and design, so his dad encouraged him to be an interior designer by giving him a home decor CD. His dad also told him that they could build their dream home together in the future. Even though Qing Huat did not excel in his studies in secondary school, he worked hard to hone his skill sets in interior design at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). As his talents blossomed, his ITE lecturers asked him to assist his classmates during projects and lessons. They also encouraged him to further his studies in a polytechnic, which he did through the Early Admission Exercise for ITE students (EAEI) last year. Qing Huat shared that he chose SP as it is well-established, well-regarded by employers and highly recommended by his father’s friends. He also shared that he is confident SP’s holistic education and conducive learning environment will take him closer to his dream career in interior design.
[The New Paper, online]
TNP_Qing Huat
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