Part-time student who worked and studied for seven years awarded two professional certificates

10 Jan 2020

Article featured 36-year-old SP alumni, Yang Ziwei. During the course of his polytechnic studies, Ziwei was already working as a technician at SMRT. He was a shift worker who would attend classes in the evening and then head back to his company to complete his night shift. After getting his polytechnic diploma, he also decided to enrol in National University of Singapore’s programme to continue learning. For his hard work, he was on the Dean’s list for consecutive years. When he graduated in 2017, his employer SMRT also recognised his skills and promoted him to become an Engineer. He commented that working and studying at the same time is definitely not an easy task, but he persevered, believing that his hard work would pay off eventually. He hopes to encourage everyone to continue learning, no matter how old they are. (Lianhe Zaobao, p7)

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