Provide training and internship to strengthen employment, SIAEC collaborates with 7 IHLs to nurture talents in the field of aviation technology

23 Mar 2023

Article reported that on 22 March, SIA Engineering (SIAEC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with seven institutes of higher learning, to establish a range of skilled professionals, promote lifelong learning opportunities, and nurture a talent pool in the field of aviation technology. The institutions are the ITE, SP, NYP, NP, RP, TP, and the Singapore Institute of Technology. SIAEC executive vice president of operations and chief sustainability officer, Foo Kean Shuh, believed that the collaboration will allow them to build a future-oriented team and help SIAEC to continue to capture future growth opportunities.

[Original article on Lianhe Zaobao, pg 8]

ZB, Provide training and internships to strengthen employment arrangement_ -
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