Singapore Polytechnic has launched a new book to celebrate its 70th anniversary

31 Oct 2023

Commemorating Singapore Polytechnic's 70th anniversary, SP has launched a new book documenting the history of the school and the teaching and learning innovations it has implemented in recent years. Author of this new book, Koh Buck Song, said that the book took several months to write. Education Minister Chan Chun Sing officiated the launch ceremony for the book. Celebrating the Polytechnic-ITE Staff Appreciation Day, Mr Chan also noted that collaboration between employers and tertiary institutions can help students prepare for work, and educational institutions will be better able to help adults acquire new skills. SP also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) to enable students and staff to deepen their understanding of emerging industries through interactive exhibits at the new centre. Fann Zhi Jie, Assistant Director of Industry and Partnerships at SP, said students will be prepared for the world of work through well-planned experiential activities.


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