Singapore Polytechnic to partner with KPMG to develop blueprint for net zero sustainability roadmap

05 Jul 2023

SP has appointed KPMG as an advisor to develop a sustainability roadmap by 2024 to achieve the net zero goals set by the government ahead of schedule. The announcement was made at the Go Green SP event on Wednesday, driving decarbonisation of campuses, industries and communities. SP is also the first local IHL to engage consultants to develop sustainable approaches. SP PCEO Soh Wai Wah said that the government has mandated that the public sector reduce energy consumption by 10% in the 10 years leading up to 2030, but to set a good example for students, SP has set a target of a 15% reduction. He shared plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2045, ahead of schedule, and also pledged SP as a champion for the Green Nation Pledge. In addition, SP’s PACE Academy will launch six new sustainability and green skills courses.


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