Singapore to train international maritime personnel in use of low-emission fuels

15 Apr 2024

Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat announced that a new maritime energy training facility will be set up in Singapore progressively by 2026 to equip maritime workers with skills to handle clean marine fuels. The facility is a tie-up between the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and 22 partners – including major marine engine manufacturers, trade associations, unions and institutes of higher learning. Features include the integrated engine room and bridge simulator by the Singapore Maritime Academy at SP for crew resource management training, gas and fire safety training facilities at Poly Marina operated by the Singapore Maritime Academy, and augmented reality-enabled scenario-based training developed by SP’s Centre of Excellence in Maritime Safety. Similar news reported in Channel News Asia, where Director of SMA, Captain Chatur Wahyu shared that the facility will create new job opportunities, both at sea and on shore. Similar news reported in Berita HarianCapital95.8Oli96.8fm, and Warna94.2fm

[The Business Times]

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