SP collaborates with Qualcomm to cultivate talent in 5G technology

08 Apr 2024

SP has partnered American technology company Qualcomm Technologies to provide free 5G foundational courses for students from the Diploma in Computer Engineering. Upon completion, students can obtain relevant certifications, enhancing their prospects for better employment opportunities. According to the collaboration announced by SP and Qualcomm Technologies on Monday, 8 April, third-year students from the Diploma in Computer Engineering can enrol for free in two introductory 5G courses offered by the Qualcomm Academy. These courses cover the principles of 5G technology and its use cases. Upon completing the courses, students may also choose to take the Qualcomm Academy's 5G Entry-Level Certification Exam at their own expense to receive a certification issued by Qualcomm. Dr Lim Joo Ghee, Deputy Senior Director of Engineering at SP, stated that with the emergence of 5G technology, there has been a significant increase in demand for professionals proficient in related skills in various sectors such as telecommunications, automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing. "Graduates equipped with 5G technology skills will ensure that we have a competent workforce capable of meeting the growing demand."

[Lianhe Zaobao]

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